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If you have been charged with DUI / OVI in Upper Arlington, Ohio, it is important that you hire legal counsel. Contact Attorney David Johnson of Johnson Legal, LLC at (614) 987-0192 to review your case and discuss with you how to proceed. As an experienced and dedicated Upper Arlington, Ohio DUI / OVI attorney, he will be with you at your first court appearance (called an “arraignment”) and attempt to have the case dismissed.

In the event that the charges are not dropped, a pretrial hearing will be conducted. At this time, Attorney Johnson will decide if motions need to be filed, such as challenging the field sobriety tests, and negotiate with the prosecution regarding a possible plea agreement.

If a plea agreement is not reached, or you decline to accept it, a motion hearing will be scheduled. This hearing allows your attorney to challenge any potential issues with the case, such as the arresting officer lacking probable cause or not administering the field sobriety tests appropriately. If the case is not resolved yet, a trial will be scheduled. At trial, Attorney Johnson will vigorously defend you. However, if you are found guilty, Attorney Johnson will seek all avenues available that will allow you to avoid jail or prison.

Ohio DUI / OVI Penalties

Penalties for a DUI / OVI conviction range from a mandatory minimum of 3 days in jail and hundreds of dollars in fines to potentially years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, the court must suspend your license for a mandatory minimum 1 year, require you to attend and complete a mandatory drug and alcohol program, and your vehicle may be subject to criminal forfeiture.

Upper Arlington, Ohio – Where Will Your Case Be Heard?

Misdemeanor DUI / OVI cases in Upper Arlington, Ohio are heard either in Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court or Franklin County Municipal Court. For a felony DUI / OVI offense, the charge will be filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court.

Where is the Upper Arlington, Ohio Mayor’s Court Located?

Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court is located at 3600 Tremont Road, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221. Consult the map below for further directions.

When are Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court Hearings Held?

Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court is in session every Thursday at noon. The Magistrate presides over sentencing arraignments, pretrials, probation revocation hearings and financial hearings first. Trials and motions are scheduled for 1:00 PM, and begin upon the conclusion of the arraignment docket is finished.

How Do Mayor’s Courts Differ from Municipal Courts?

Mayor’s courts are unique in that they not permitted to conduct jury trials. Additionally, cases are heard by either the mayor or a magistrate appointed by the mayor. If a defendant wishes to have a jury trial, or simply does not want the mayor’s court to hear his or her case, the defendant can have the case transferred to the applicable county municipal court.

In addition, if a defendant is convicted in a mayor’s court, he or she may appeal the conviction to the appropriate county municipal court. There are advantages to having your case heard in a mayor’s court. For instance, mayor’s courts are more informal than municipal courts. Moreover, mayor’s courts are more conveniently located than a county municipal court and many provide evening hours for the hearing of cases.

Upper Arlington, Ohio DUI / OVI Attorney

If you have been charged with DUI / OVI in Upper Arlington, Ohio, contact Johnson Legal, LLC and speak with an experienced Upper Arlington, Ohio DUI / OVI attorney. Attorney David Johnson of Johnson Legal, LLC will discuss your case and assist you in fighting the charges. Call (614) 987-0192 or send an email to schedule a consultation regarding your DUI / OVI case.

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