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Vehicle Forfeiture and Immobilization in Ohio

Depending upon the number of prior DUI / OVI convictions, a person may have their vehicle immobilized or forfeited. For a first DUI / OVI offense, the vehicle may be towed, but should be returned. The law in Ohio does not permit immobilization of the vehicle as a penalty for a first offense. Provided that the towing fees are paid and proof of insurance is shown, the vehicle should be released.

For a second DUI / OVI  offense within 6 years, the vehicle will be subject to a mandatory immobilization for 90 days and the license plates will be impounded. The vehicle cannot be driven during the period of immobilization.

For a third DUI / OVI offense within 6 years (or 5 within 20 years), the vehicle is subject to criminal forfeiture. The title to the vehicle is transferred to the government (i.e., the offender no longer owns the vehicle).

An exception applies for vehicle immobilization if a family or household member is dependent upon the vehicle. The court may grant a waiver of immobilization, which would allow the vehicle to be used by the family or household member. However, the court may require that the vehicle have restricted (i.e., yellow) license plates and not be operated by the offender.

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