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Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) in Columbus and Delaware, Ohio

SCRAM is an ankle bracelet that gathers data on the surface of your skin, including the presence of alcohol. Most of the alcohol that is ingested in a person’s body is metabolized in the liver, but small amounts are disposed of through the skin. The bracelet takes continuous measurements on the surface of the skin and transmits this data to a modem. If a certain chemical reaction is detected, this is interpreted as the presence of alcohol in the person’s body.

In Ohio, SCRAM is required in two circumstances, but the court has the discretion to use it in others. The first circumstance is where limited driving privileges were granted and there was a violation of an ignition interlock order. The second situation is where there is a repeat DUI/OVI offender and SCRAM is used as a condition for limited driving privileges.

If alcohol is detected by the SCRAM bracelet, the court is notified. A hearing is then held to determine if the defendant violated the SCRAM order. If the court determines that there was a violation, the court may revoke limited driving privileges. However, there have been problems with the SCRAM device reporting false positives.

How Much Does SCRAM Cost?

Alcohol monitoring is costly. Usually, defendants are charged a one-time installation fee of $50-$100. However, defendants are required to pay a monthly service fee of around $400. However, this is often a necessary burden for those who require driving privileges, but have multiple DUI/OVI offenses in the past.

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