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Driver’s License Suspension for DUI/OVI Cases

You driver’s license may be suspended as part of your DUI/OVI case. If you test over the legal limit or refuse to submit to a urine, breath or blood test, you will receive an administrative license suspension. If you are convicted of DUI/OVI, or possibly a lesser charge, your driver’s license will be subject to a court suspension.

Reinstatement of Driver’s License Process in Ohio

Regardless of the type of suspension, certain procedures must be followed before your driver’s license will be reinstated. Until these procedures are followed and you receive a new driver’s license, you will not be permitted to drive. This is true even if your license suspension has ended. The first thing to do will be to file a reinstatement notice with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

The filing of this notice can be done either by mail or in person. If done by mail, one month prior to the conclusion of the suspension, mail the reinstatement notice to the BMV with payment of the reinstatement fee and proof of insurance. Once you receive a document from the BMV stating that you are eligible for a new license, take that document to the BMV Registrar License Agency to receive your new license.

If done in person, when the suspension ends go to the BMV Reinstatement Center, pay the reinstatement fee and provide proof of insurance. You will receive a document stating that you are eligible for a new license. Take this document to the BMV Registrar License Agency and obtain your new license.

For certain cases, such as being convicted of OVUAC, a DUI/OVI conviction resulting in a 12-point suspension, or not having insurance when you are charged with DUI/OVI, the court may impose additional requirements before your license will be returned. These include re-taking the driver’s license exam, obtaining an SR-22 Bond, and completing a remedial driving course.

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