DUI/OVI Tests in Columbus and Delaware, Ohio

Police officers use several DUI/OVI tests when investigating whether a driver is operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are three stages to DUI (known as “OVI” in Ohio) and different tests are administered at each phase. Police first conduct tests to determine if the driver should be removed from the vehicle. The officer will then conduct a second series of tests to determine whether the driver should be arrested. Finally, law enforcement will conduct tests to gather additional information and evidence after effectuating an arrest.

Phase One – DUI/OVI Tests Done While the Driver is in the Vehicle

After law enforcement has stopped the vehicle, the officer will employ tests to determine whether the driver should be detained for a DUI/OVI investigation. When approaching the vehicle and speaking with the driver, the officer will ask questions that divide the driver’s attention or are unusual. This is to determine if the driver has difficulty dividing his or her attention. In addition, the police will be looking for the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath, alcohol containers in the car, and drug paraphernalia.  If the driver has difficulty answering questions or has the above mentioned items, the officer will ask the person to exit the vehicle.

Phase Two – DUI/OVI Tests After Leaving the Vehicle

If the police suspect the driver of DUI/OVI and removed the driver from the vehicle, the officer will most likely conduct field sobriety tests. There are three standardized field sobriety tests:

In addition to these standardized DUI/OVI tests, officer often employ non-standardized DUI/OVI tests, such as counting backwards or reciting the alphabet. Moreover, many officers will utilize a portable breath test, Romberg Balance Test (closing eyes and estimating 30 seconds) for officers who have ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement) certifications and Lack of Convergence Test (crossing of eyes).

Phase Three – After Arrest DUI/OVI Tests

If arrested for DUI/OVI, the driver is generally asked to submit to a blood, urine or breath test. Breath tests are the most common and are used solely to measure alcohol concentration. Urine tests are used to determine levels of drugs and/or alcohol. Blood tests are the least common among the tests and can be done against the person’s will in certain situations.

Additional DUI Test Information

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