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License Suspension and Driving Privileges for DUI/OVI in Columbus and Delaware, Ohio

If you license has been suspended because of a DUI/OVI charge, you may be able to obtain limited driving privileges. Your license will have been suspended under an administrative license suspension (ALS) or a court suspension of your license. For both types of suspensions, a court can grant you limited driving privileges.

The scope of driving privileges will be limited. You may be able to obtain driving privileges to go to and from your place of employment, school, or court-ordered treatment. No other driving will be permitted.

As a condition of granting driving privileges, the court may require you to have yellow license plates, an ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle or use a SCRAM device. In addition, the court will not grant limited driving privileges until a certain time period has passed, which will depend upon the number of prior DUI/OVI convictions and the number of prior chemical test refusals. Consult the court suspension of license and administrative license suspension pages for more information.

Driving Under Suspension and Identification

If you are granted limited driving privileges by the court, you are permitted to drive only for limited reasons (i.e., employment, school, etc.). If you are found to be driving outside those parameters, you may be prosecuted for Driving Under Suspension. This will dictate a mandatory jail sentence and an additional license suspension.

If granted limited driving privileges, you will not be given your driver’s license back. You will instead be given a judgment entry which must remain with you whenever your need drive. This will state under what circumstances and where you are permitted to drive. Since a driver’s license is the primary form of identification for most people, you may need to consider obtaining a passport of state identification card.

Challenging a License Suspension

An administrative license suspension (ALS) can be appealed at your first hearing (i.e., arraignment), whereby your attorney can file a motion to terminate the suspension. While your case is pending and awaiting an ALS hearing, the court may grant a stay of the ALS. This will allow you to have your driver’s license returned to you and be allowed to drive without restrictions. If the appeal is successful, the ALS is terminated.

A court suspension of license is mandatory. It is imposed upon pleading guilty to or being convicted of DUI/OVI. The only way to avoid this is to challenge the DUI/OVI charge and have it dismissed, reduced or amended.

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