Criminal and DUI / OVI Defense in the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court

If you have been charged with criminal offense, such as a DUI / OVI, drug trafficking, possession, or illegal manufacture, assault or theft offense in the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court, contact Johnson Legal, LLC at (614) 987-0192 and speak with Attorney David Johnson regarding your case. Prior to appearing in court, review the information on this website, such as the information on this page, the charges and potential consequences, possible defenses and the court process.

Types of Cases Heard in Fairfield County Common Pleas Court

Common Pleas Court has jurisdiction over felony criminal offenses that have allegedly occurred within Fairfield County. Common types of cases that are heard include:

Contact Information for the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court

Address:    224 E Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Phone:      (740) 652-7421

Website:    Fairfield County Common Pleas Court

Court Process

The typical court process for a misdemeanor offense in Delaware County Municipal Court begins with an arraignment, followed by a pretrial hearing, motion hearing, trial, and sentencing hearing. For a more specific breakdown of the court process for DUI/OVI, consult the DUI / OVI court process page.


The first court appearance is an arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be permitted to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you decide to plea guilty or no contest, the judge will impose a sentence and the case will be finished. If you plea not guilty, you will have an opportunity to hire an attorney (if not done so already), who will evaluate your case, including reviewing the evidence and preparing a defense.

Pretrial Hearing

If you pleaded not guilty at the arraignment, the next phase of the court process is a pretrial hearing. This hearing gives an opportunity for your attorney and the prosecutor to discuss the case and negotiate a plea agreement. If an agreement is not reached, or you decline to accept the plea agreement, the case will be scheduled for a motion hearing (if motions were filed prior to the pretrial hearing) or a trial.

Motion Hearing

If motions were filed prior to the pretrial hearing regarding certain legal issues (e.g., motion to suppress evidence), and the case was not resolved at the pretrial hearing, a motion hearing will be the next stage of the court process. At this hearing, witnesses will testify and the attorneys will argue regarding the motions. The judge will render a decision regarding the motion and legal issues. This hearing also presents another opportunity for your attorney and the prosecutor to negotiate a plea agreement.


If your case has not been resolved prior to this stage of the court process, a trial will be held to determine whether you are guilty or not guilty. If your offense carries the possibility of incarceration, you have the right to a jury trial. The prosecution will put forth evidence of your guilt and your attorney will be able to cross-examine witnesses and dispute the prosecution’s evidence. Your attorney will then present evidence on your behalf.

Sentencing Hearing

If you have pleaded no contest or guilty to the offense, or if you are found guilty, the court will hold a sentencing hearing. At this hearing, the prosecution and defense will present statements to the judge, and the judge will impose a sentence. This hearing may be held on the same day as one of the prior hearings, or it may be scheduled for a later date.

Fairfield County, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Fairfield County Municipal Court, contact Johnson Legal, LLC and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Attorney David Johnson of Johnson Legal, LLC will discuss your case and assist you in fighting the charges. Call (614) 987-0192 or send an email to schedule a consultation regarding your criminal offense case.

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Fairfield County Clerk of Courts

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Fairfield County Prosecutor’s Office

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